Hello Terrylanders.
It’s only gone and gotten to May and the summer is threatening to do something, but not quite sure what that something is just yet.
I am writing to you people to let you know that chapter two of my new film/animation thing, six and a half loves, is done and up and ready to watch. Click here to go to the minisite
If you don’t know about it yet, well that’s probably my fault for not telling you.
As I’ve decided not to do the Edinburgh Festival this year I wanted to instead get up to other stuff, one of which is this six and a half loves thing all about perfect couples who never quite fulfil their perfection. (another thing is my decision to try and run the marathon next year).
The chapters are about 3mins long and shoddily animated and released weekly, or monthly, or bi-annually depending on when my schedule and ego and general laziness lets me.
Anyhow, that’s all for now from me, got some other vids up on terryland and the blog is getting overgrown but stop by when you’re near. Sign up to the terryland RSS feed for blogs/videos/audio/animations and anything else I actually get round to making. And if you’re a twitterer come follow me here
See you in Terryland… come back soon.

PS. If you like F1 and have a desire for shoddy second hand news, views and funny stuff then head to anotherf1podcast.com
PPS. Despite me not being in Edinburgh this year, if you are starved for hour long comedy in progress then i reckon you could go see some in an office here